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Popular Features of Wrist Watches



Nowadays, the more features of a wrist watch the more appealing is it to buyers. A feature of a watch refers to the visual character and description of a specific watch design that you could read about at the Thrifty Viking. Here are popular design features of wrist watches.


Moon phase feature on a wrist watch shows the different phases of the moon. With respect to watch brands, they use this kind of feature but click here resort to different, creative ways of designing the moon phase, depending on their style of preference.


The skeleton dial design feature of a wrist watch shows the intricate way where the components of the watch are moving and visible whether at the front or back side of the watch. Basically, skeleton dial watches are referred to as mechanical watches.


Water resistance wrist watches has its main feature which is its water resistance degree. Water resistance is the appropriate term described for a watch that is constantly exposed to water, instead of the term waterproof, because there is no watch in existence that is 100% waterproof, as the gasket of a watch will deteriorate to constant exposure, over time, to water. Here are the different water resistance degrees and its corresponding suitability features: 3 atmosphere pressure - watch is suitable for everyday use and it is splash/rain resistant, but not suitable for showering, bathing, swimming, snorkeling, or water related work; 5 atmosphere pressure - watch is suitable for swimming, rafting, water related work; 10 atmosphere pressure - watch is suitable for surfing, swimming, snorkeling, sailing, and water sports; 20 atmosphere pressure - watch is suitable for skin-diving; and 100 meters and above - watch is suitable for scuba diving.


Date and Day design feature of a watch has a perpetual calendar installed in the watch, whether the watch is digital or analog. This watch feature is most helpful for super busy people who tend to forget the current date and day.


Some wrist watches feature multiple time zone dials or a world time, of which this feature is best suited to frequent travelers, either for business or pleasure purposes. This feature watch shows the local time while showing its equivalent time zones in different parts of the world, using a rotating dial with 24 or more divisions within the watch, along with the names of reference cities for each time zone printed around the 24 hour indicator.


The luminous feature watch is a most common feature in most watches, which allow for easy reading of the time even in the dark. The technology applied in this design is a self-powered illumination system using micro gas light tubes called borosilicates glass capsules. The light tubes can glow for up to 25 years and help keep the watch illuminated for visibility especially in complete darkness.


Other popular features are a combination of alarm clock and stopwatch, which are commonly found in digital watches, such that this kind of watch is useful to people who are engage in sports or activities that are dependent on time watching.